Website Speed Optimization Service: What Really Moves the Needle (and why)

Why do you need a fast website?

Your website is a reflection of your company.  It's the first impression of the experience they get when working with you.  If your website takes more than 5-seconds to load, Google estimates that 90% of those visitors will leave.  That's means lost opportunity for conversations, leads, and revenue.  Give your guests the speed they expect by optimizing the performance features that satisfy their searches.


WordPress plugins add code to every page of your site. Even if they are deactivated. Lose the bloat and your page speed will improve.

Fast Hosting

Shared servers don't rank well.  Find a quality web host like WpEngine or LiquidWeb and watch your keyword density increase.


Content delivery networks (CDN) are web servers that replicate your site - and speed it up via caching - on servers located physically closer to the user

Caching Plugins

The best speed optimization plugins like WP Rocket make your webpages faster. They integrate with CDNs and help compress JavaScript and CSS files for ultra-fast page performance.

A fast website equals more conversions

Web performance means giving your visitors a browsing experience they'll enjoy.  When you improve your site speed, you also improve the trust your guests feel when searching for the answers to their problems...which is why they came to your website in the first place.

Slow sites have a negative impact on sales. An Aberdeen Group report found that a 3-second load equals a 40% abandonment rate on desktop and mobile.  Google's research was even more impressive. A 1-to-3 second delay means a 32% of your users will probably leave the site.  Those a leads, signups, & sales going elsewhere.  In Google's own words, "Speed equals revenue."

Database Optimization

Don't you just hate it when you're shopping online and you click on that shiny new Bluetooth headphone, and it takes FOREVER to load?  And by FOREVER we mean more than 3 seconds which is statistically when you'll bounce to another site.  Amazon reports that for every 1-sec of delay, they lose $1.6 Billion in annual sales! One the quickest ways to improve your website speed is to optimize the database that runs your WordPress | Magento | Joomla website.  Optimizing the database tables reduces the time it takes for the website to respond to a page request. Just make sure you have a good backup system in place before you start.

WordPress Database Optimization via phpMyAdmin

How does a content delivery network (CDN) work?

CDNs like Cloudflare decrease the time it takes for webpages to reach end-users. CDNs use data centers located around the world to serve your website page as static HTML files, instead of pulling data from your server's database. This helps the page speed in two ways.

1) It provides a faster route from your site to geographic-locations closer to your visitor's physical location.

2) By 'caching' the pages that your database serves dynamically...meaning it had to process and create the page when the user requested it...your CDN sends a smaller compressed file almost immediately. The end result is a fast page load, and happy users enjoying your website.

Website Speed Optimization Crux Report

Website Speed Optimization Service

If optimizing your website seems like an overwhelming task, or your technical team lacks the time or resources to take this on, we're here to help.  In fact, here's the exact scope of work we use for successful website speed projects

  • Snapshot current speed metrics in and Google's pagespeed tool
  • Run Lighthouse SEO Report and capture speed graphs
  • Build an on-page SEO report to check for broken links and re-directs (404s, 301s)
  • Work with your developers to optimize the CMS databases (WP, Magento, Joomla, others)
  • We review your backup & restore capability before applying any speed improvements
  • Work with your team to install,  test, and configure optimization plugins like WP Rocket
    • Caching can include JS, CSS concatenation & minification, and critical CSS pre-fetching
  • Install, test & configure an image optimization plugin like EWWW or Imagify (WordPress sites)
  • Check that server configuration protocols are running at current release levels: HTTP/2, PHP and CDN’s
  • Check compression protocols like GZIP, Deflate or Brotli
  • Implement the changes identified in the research phase
  • Review post-optimization speed metrics in, and Lighthouse other website speed tools
  • In the 2-weeks following a site speed optimization KPIs are measured to see what effect the page speed improvements have on dwell time, bounce rate and impressions in search console.

Website Speed Improvement For

“You can have a great website. You can even have the best website. However, in Google’s Mobile-First world, you have to be fast as well or you will be penalized. Every second wasted is a loss of engagement and revenue. You are always one step behind Google’s next update. You need someone technical like Narrative SEO who understand the underpinnings and structural defects of the web. They always know how Google and other search engines rate websites and how to fix yours. I had average speed, but thanks to Franco and his team will be fast with some new tweaks plus best practices to stay that way. You may  great developers, but in terms of speed Narrative SEO is the only company who can keep you ahead of search engines”

Steve Sheinkpof, CEO | Yale Applicance and Lighting

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Speed Projects From:

  • 4-week average project length
  • Server Analysis
  • CMS Analysis
  • Project Delivery
  • QA

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