Technical seo 

for content marketers

Technical seo 

for content marketers



A Narrative Intel report is a technical deep dive into the foundation of your site.


You'll discover intricate details about your server that may be choking your keyword density in the search engines.


This process works so well, we trademarked it: The Website Ecosystem Model.®


The 47 items on the WEM checklist blast through the digital sludge holding back your keywords.


Narrative SEO comes in two flavors:


1. Technical SEO: Optimizes your platform to match the Website Ecosystem Model,® and amplifies your content in search engines.


2. On-page SEO: Optimizes your content & landing pages to boost organic traffic. 


We research your relevant keywords and identify what it takes to own that phrase in search.


website migration

Migrating your website doesn't have to mean losing the SEO ground you've worked so hard to win.


If you're changing your site platform or server, or even executing a rebrand involving a new domain, keeping your traffic, rankings, and keywords at or near their pre-migration levels isn't an impossibility.


But doing so requires planning.


Planning backed by expertise.

remarkable results


Our business is noticeably up since we’ve started SEO optimization with Narrative SEO. The helicopter parts industry is very small, and sales don’t show up every day. It’s been the right strategy for our business. We’re turning parts on the shelf into zero’s in the bank. Very happy with our results.

marcus sheridan

I know 90% of what I need to know about SEO.  Franco knows the other 10%.

-The Host Seat Podcast, THS17

bob ruffalo, CEO


Hubspot 2017 Partner of the Year

2017 Partner of the Year

We increased our website traffic by 41% (from 245k to 347k visitors/month using Franco Valentino’s technical SEO tips.

Scott Fullen

Narrative SEO has provided excellent communication before, during, and after our projects, and are diligent in explaining various components to achieve the best possible solution. When each project is complete, the results are always far above expectations, on time, and within budget.


 I like to refer to (Franco) as the wizard behind the curtain. He is the right brain to my left brain as it relates to technology. Other people came into my life offering services and promises.  I took one more chance and believed in what Franco was selling and I am so grateful that I did. He is brilliant and is the only reason you are reading this today.

-The Cognitive Emporium, Blog Post, July 10, 2017


Franco is one of those rare people in the tech community who seamlessly combines leading-edge technical expertise with a strategic mindset and delivers on his commitments.
His personable approach and his ability to clearly communicate sophisticated technical terms and strategies in the language of business make it refreshingly easy for executives to assess risks, benefits, and ROI and take their companies to the next level of success.

Jay Tucker, OWNER

Franco is one of the sharpest guys I know. When it comes to computers, websites, and SEO he is "THE" guy to know. One of the things I instantly learned after working with Franco is that a website might be good, but if things are not done properly, no one will ever find you without good SEO.

It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with Franco and Narrative SEO. I would recommend anyone who needs a new website or help improving an existing one to look no further for professional 1st rate service.

Wow. How the hell did you get the IH numbers that high??? Wow.  Can you do that for Cheeky!?! Really impressed! Is this legal?