About Franco Valentino & The Narrative SEO consultancy

Why Narrative SEO?

I started Narrative SEO in the fall of 2016 after 15 years in the corporate world.  My parents were both immigrants to the United States, and small business owners.  I remember the sleepless nights when Mom and Dad didn't know how they were going to make payroll for their employees, or pay the mortgage and rent on the business. Their struggle is the struggle of all small businesses - how to keep a steady flow of customers asking for information about their products, and ultimately keep the lights on.

Two of the companies I worked for grew through mergers...they bought small companies that couldn't keep the lights on because the emails and phone calls dried up.  The company I worked for had a formula for consistent sales. It involved building a sales organization, and a hefty amount of digital leads to feed those boots on the ground.  This magic mix meant that revenue flowed in the right direction, and the company would grow and survive to swallow up more small businesses.

This is why I started the consultancy.  Small businesses - the economic engine of our country - can flourish with the digital tools available to everyone in today's connected world.  But as technology grows smarter, so does the competition.  Great content continues to drive leads, but it's not enough anymore.  Organic search is fractured and regular SEO produces less than stellar results. So what do you do now?

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Enter Technical SEO

SEO's work alongside inbound marketers to guide them on their path of digital marketing. My goal has always been to elevate the hard work already being done by marketing colleagues and coach and support them in creating more effective marketing online - through technical SEO.

Why technical seo?

As a network engineer, the technical language of development, software, and platforms was a missing component to everything I read about standard SEO. Keywords, H1 tags and back-links didn't move the growth needles as quickly as when a roadblock on a misconfigured server was fixed. All of a sudden, keyword densities increased, conversion went up, and measurable growth showed up with the addition of technical work to normal SEO strategies and tactics.

Top 5 Things I See Most Marketers Miss in the SEO Plan

As part of my work with marketers, we use the Website Ecosystem Model®. This model uses software diagnostics to evaluate & optimize your website and get the maximum number of organic impressions and traffic possible from your content. We address each one of those items above and many more.

Page Speed Optimization

Server Health Checks

Real-Time Mapping of Competition Online

Technical Errors (401s, 500s, etc.)

Technical SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan

What is Narrative SEO?

Our group of SEO professionals work with you to deliver value and measurable results to your partners and clients. As pioneers of the Website Ecosystem Model® that combines low-level server research with content strategies that drive sales, we'll find those challenging technical issues that hinder conversion on your website.

We work with:

  • In-house marketing teams seeking to improve their digital marketing impact
  • Marketing agencies interested in educating their teams on SEO
  • Business owners wearing too many hats and just need help
  • Technical SEO experts in their niche areas of algorithm research

Let's work together, what do I do now?

This is probably our favorite question in the world, besides “Are you ready for dinner?" The best next step that you can take to learn more about our consulting, audit or even team-training is to book time with me below.

Being a virtual-friendly company, we love Zoom and unless you’re located near Nashville, TN we will likely first meet on a Zoom call. During that call, I just want to learn more about you, your goals, your challenges and we can together decide if a partnership makes the most sense for you!

To book time with me, use the link below and select a time that works well for you!

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