Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits

Reveal Your Server's Hidden Secrets

Beneath the covers of your website lies a dark web of digital connections. One broken connection can sink your leads & sales. Don't let that happen. A Google SEO Audit surfaces needed repairs to boost keywords & keep traffic flowing.

Domain Name System (DNS) Issues

DNS is the web's traffic cop.  Misconfigured rules can slow your pages down and unnecessary subdomains steal keywords from your main domain. Find out if this is happening to your site.

Google Search Engine Files

Google speaks to your server through a set of directive files called robots.txt, and sitemap.xml. These files' default settings can wreak havoc on your site and completely block search engines.  Fixing one simple line can increase rankings 3-fold. Let's make sure they're right.

Page Speed, says a 1-second delay in mobile page speed plummets conversions by 20%.  Is your website fast enough or are you letting your competition skim off 20% of your business?  The page-speed report finds the problems that slow down your site. Optimizing images, CSS, and Javascript can boost user happiness...and sales!

Keyword Density

How many keywords has your domain accrued?  Where do they rank in search results?  Keywords are the highway your customers and prospects use to reach your site.  A keyword analysis shows your desktop and mobile phrases with the estimated advertising value Google sends your way every month through organic traffic.  The insights available in this section also show whether those phrases are relevant terms for your industry.  If they're not, your customers' clicks are going to someone else.

Competitor GAP Analysis

Reaching Google's page 1 is hard to do. Competitive businesses hire leading SEOs to reverse engineer and outrank industry leaders. Now you have the advantage. Arm yourself with a keyword GAP analysis of your 3 closest rivals, and capture the keywords that drive more business.

Malware & Toxic Backlinks

There's a dirty little secret in SEO circles: site owners buy poisonous backlinks and point them at unsuspecting competitor websites to kill their traffic.  We've even found hacker-embedded cryptocurrency malware and virus-laden comments hiding in plain sight. If Google finds these, you risk their completely delisting your website. If you're at risk, the audit's toxic score section lets us know. 

Do Google SEO Audits Work?



CEO, IMPACT Branding & Design

Our keywords were growing at a solid 20% pace.  After applying the Narrative Intel Report's recommendations, the pace jumped to 60%, and our website traffic increased 41% (from 245k to 347k visitors/month).


What Benefits Will a Technical SEO Audit Give You?

The Narrative Intel Report © gives you peace of mind...
1. DNS review to get users to your site faster.
2. Fresh keyword density snapshots show how much monthly organic (free!) value Google sends your way.
3. Speed metrics for desktop & mobile using Google's own pagespeed tools.
4. Security audit to help your visitors avoid the dreaded "Page is not Secure" warning from Google Chrome.
5. View your most trafficked pages & how many keywords they hold in Google.
6. Learn how often Google advertises your pages in search results (Google Impression Rate).
7. Spy on hidden tracking codes that slow your page speed down to a crawl.
8. Google Search Console is missing or set up incorrectly in 90% of the SEO audits we perform. We'll check that.
9. If Google Analytics & Search Console are improperly integrated you'll get inaccurate visitor data. To make sure you're getting ALL your site data, we'll check that too.
10. Shared servers won't help you rank on Google's page 1. Find out how many other sites share your IP address, adding latency that throttles your speed.
11. Big images = slow websites. We'll show you the main culprits affecting load time and user experience (UX) and what to do about them.
12. Internal & external broken links hurt your UX which affects SEO. The response code section shows you how many broken links your site has.
13. Missing page titles don't capture keywords in Google. We'll let you know if any are blank.
14. Missing meta-descriptions are lost click opportunities. Adding a little copy can quickly boost traffic.
15. Canonical tags tell Google that your content is original. Competitors steal content...let's make sure they don't steal your keywords too.

Plus much more to guarantee your SEO foundation is strong...

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