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M.O.A.R: The Mother Of All Reports

Is this the Holy Grail of Closed Loop reporting?

Imagine if you will a report that weaves data from 6 analytical programs together into one refreshingly simple dashboard.  The key to a robust closed-loop reporting system is capturing the first customer interaction at the top of the funnel whether it came from an organic keyword, social media post, or PPC channel. Merging those TOFU entry points with SEO factors + past and present conversion metrics from GA goals, SalesForce, or HubSpot, equals a super-power to make future campaigns that much more effective.

Search Console Clickstream Data

The first part of this report is arguably the most important.  Clickstream data captures the impressions and clicks that happen on Google from organic search sources.  It's literally the battlefront for leads.

User-agent crawl

Want to know what Google knows about your site after it crawls and indexes it?  The User-agent crawl runs through the entire link profile of your site on a monthly basis - just like Googlebot does.  Except it logs the 80/20 technical SEO problems and shows you exactly what metrics to fix when it finds a problem.  You won't find that level of detail with a free online tool.

On-site behavior

Now that we have Clickstream and SEO factors it's time to bring in the behavioral patterns of visitors navigating our website. Search queries, keyword volumes, clicks, CTR, impressions and goal completions are matched together with month over month comparisons for you to make educated decisions about content, campaigns, and sales strategies.

MOAR: Date Selection

Date ranges are user selectable and can be set to the standard selections found in most reporting programs.  Y-O-Y, M-O-M, W-O-W, or daily, weekly ranges can be chosen based on your preferences.  The report stores data in a Google cloud infrastructure account which is secure and redundant.  The report is viewable in Google DataStudio with a familiar interface which lets you customize the report even further.

Critical SEO data for better ranking

After hundreds of technical SEO audits, the most common problems we find with Google's ability to crawl and index pages are simple issues that are easily overlooked by content marketers. Page Titles, Meta descriptions, H-tags, and missing schema markup contribute to poor website performance in search.  MOAR presents these issues in the simplest possible format so you know what to fix with a simple glance at your page path.

MOAR report SEO factors
MOAR report user metrics

Onsite behavior

This deceptively simple screen is an SEO's dream.  Take the SC path - the URL of any page on your site - and see what keywords it ranks for, the search volume of that keyword, what organic position you have for that term and how many times Google sent you impression for that phrase. Then check the click-through-rate and see whether your marketing dollars produce results.  Now take it a step further, and choose one keyword to analyze on this'll show you every page of your website that's competing with that keyword.  If you're into content pillars, you know that this means for your bottom line.

MOAR branded vs non-branded keywords

Branded vs non-branded keywords

How do you truly recognize when your content marketing starts to work?  When your impression rate for non-branded keywords exceeds your brand name.  Search engines know your company name.  If someone searches for you, the likelihood is high that Google will show your website first. But when your customer searches for one of your products, the content that best matches the search phrase wins.  That means that your content gets drowned out in a sea of competitors unless it's the most relevant answer. The MOAR accurately report the data between your branded and non-branded keywords by seeding your brand name and running a comparison against money producing keywords.

The MOAR will become your single dashboard for closed-loop KPIs. Enhance your strategic decision with MOAR data.

AMBS Call Center M.O.A.R.

"The M.O.A.R report is the first dashboard we've seen that can bundle user metrics, impressions, clicks,  on-page SEO, and conversion rates onto a single screen. It's the closest thing to closed-loop reporting we've encountered. We use it to find opportunities for traffic and to measure the KPIs across channels. Since it's a DataStudio report, the single login saves me hours of jumping between platforms to generate reports." 

Aaron Boatin, CEO | AMBS Call Center
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M.O.A.R. Report

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