Grab your 10 Technical SEO Must-Have's below

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10 Technical SEO Must Haves

The playbook for a robust website

These 10 action items are the foundation of a solid, lead generating website. If your site is 10 pages, or 10,000, these factors help you measure the traffic from any source, build visitor trust in your website, and smooth out the bumps that hinder a search engines ability to crawl your site.

Think marathon, not sprint

Ease into the checklist and start by connecting Google Analytics to Google Search console.  You'll get impression data from search console which is the frontline of SEO. Impression rate is the number of times Google shows your website to a searcher based on a keyword.

If your click-through rate is lower than 1% based on those impressions, there's room for improvement.  The very next step - included in the checklist - is to improve your meta-descriptions and entice users with some value in exchange for their attention.