Narrative SEO: Technical SEO for content marketers.

Let me guess…you stroll into the office every day, grab a cup of coffee, and struggle with the white screen in front of you.

You wonder what blog post you’re going to write next.

Then you feel the knot in the pit of your stomach starting to form. 

“What if I spend all this time writing a blog post that no one is going to find?”

"I’ve made this article relevant to my personas, but if it doesn’t rank, I won’t get any leads from it."

"How can I get my content to rank?”

It’s enough to drive a marketer mad.

Now with Narrative SEO, there is a way to remove uncertainty and feel confident that your content has the best chance to rank well and produce high-quality leads.

Narrative SEO starts by diving deep into your website’s core, and standardizing the way it connects to the internet.

It’s Technical SEO with the heart of a content marketer.

First, we identify the low hanging fruit that can boost your traffic. In some cases, up to 83% in 30 days.

Then we apply the Trinity of SEO - Prioritization, Security & Speed.

The Trinity is a core concept of the Website Ecosystem Model and produces solid results for some of the top content agencies in the world.


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Franco Valentino, SEO Consultant. Narrative SEO.